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Anybody do this?

I have been but might stop now, other day I beeped on the way out and employee asked me to see in bags, I said no I need to be somewhere and she immediatly got on phone to the cops. The town center know my face so now I am worried if the pd get involved they will easily id me and question me?



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shiplofting wrote

I have, just as a new lifter learning what to do. I wouldn't keep going if I were you. Dont shit where you eat! I took frequent trips to far away big cities to lift. If you have the means, get a buddy to drive you or go yourself. Local joints love to post faces on "can you ID me" sites run by the police department and also Facebook. Wouldn't hurt to look for yourself on there


BigThief wrote

The old phrase of never shit where you eat is almost always applicable.

  1. Lets say you screw up and they go back and pull camera footage. Is your town large enough that there is little chance someone will recognize you when you picture is in the news and facebook?
  2. You get caught and trespassed. Do you want to spend the time, effort, and money to go shop in another town?
  3. Do you have family or an employer that would be impacted with news of your arrest much less a conviction?
  4. Never make PDs job easier. You always want another jurisdiction to pursue you if someone has to come chasing. It is more paper work, time, and expense.

TLDR: don't lift where you live.


Liftitbro OP wrote

Thanks for your replies.

1)It’s a small to medium sized one between 50 and 100k people, so I wouldn’t be worried however the townCenter know my face due to being caught there few years ago and I go in there regularly... mainly to play table tennis lol.

  1. I don’t mind because unless it’s grocery shopping I never buy clothes or anything atall for that matter

  2. yes but I’m so depressed and suicidal that I I just simply couldn’t care anymore, if I’m honest. I rationalise like it’s not like I’m mugging old ladies or raping anyone.

I’m a piss poor aspergers guy with basically every mental health problem under the sun, hardly any of you so called family members are ever there for me any way.

That’s where I’ve made this mistake because I have made there job easier by doing this in my home town. Idiot me. I’m going to now lift out of town all the time from now on I think.

How far would you go out of town to be safe?


BigThief wrote

I travel to several states. I try not to lift in my state because they have a very active Retail Federation and Crime Stoppers that offer a $2,000 reward for helping to solve a case. Many counties in my state are doing retail stings where the cops are either in the store or patrolling near by. They will setup easy looking items and then bust you. Right before Christmas they did 4 stings and caught over 200 people.

How far will I go... I go from New York to Miami and Seattle to San Fran.


BoostinBabe wrote

Never shit where you eat.

  1. If you live in a small town, wait until you're out of town, or at least drive out of your local jurisdiction.

  2. If you live in a suburb, dress suburban, lift in the city malls where there's lots of traffic and LP is more likely to profile others.

  3. If you live in a city, dress suburban and go to surrounding neighborhoods, preferably out of the city jurisdiction.

NEVER, lift within 10 min travel of your home. AKA. If you're on foot, never lift anywhere that takes less than 10 min to walk. If you're by car (and lifting more stuff, therefore, more likely to be noticed and investigated), never lift anywhere that would take less than 10 min to drive.