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Liftitbro wrote


i nearly got caught today in tkmaxx. concealed a ton of clothing and walked out beeping.. a SA said excuse and ran up to me saying i beeped.. i said i beeped when i walked in.. she said did you pay for anything i said yes (even tho i didnt) she asked to look in my bags i said sorry ive gotta be somewhere..

then another employee came out and called the police i think. probably gunna come back to bite me as its in my own town and they know my face. was kinda stupid tbh i only got away with about £120 of stuff clothes too i shouldnt have risked it while the employee was still near the door.. but

fuck them, ill return and get more, conceal off camera and walk out again.


extremecouponing wrote

I'm sorry that happened, but idk about stealing out of spite. Just be careful is all I'm saying