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Fucking furious with myself, was literally the last job before Christmas.

So what was a simple walkout at what was previously a soft target ended with confusion and eventually arrest

During the walkout when the trolley passed through the towers it literally stopped dead. Turns out there are new smart trolleys that know if you went through a till aisle. If you hadn't and then try to exit then two magnetic clamps fire on two of the trolley's casters.

Take a look:

Like I said, so fucking annoyed, was struck with confusion when the trolley just fucking refused to move! This gave the SD on the podium time to call a buddy while questioning me for the receipt. The other stood in the exit and then they both restrained me.

This was Sinsburries (UK) who are now using these trollies for definite! My solicitor was very aware of them saying they've been very effective for Sinsburries. 😡😡😡



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

That's interesting. Thanks for the info. Good luck with the repercussions.


Liftitbro wrote


i nearly got caught today in tkmaxx. concealed a ton of clothing and walked out beeping.. a SA said excuse and ran up to me saying i beeped.. i said i beeped when i walked in.. she said did you pay for anything i said yes (even tho i didnt) she asked to look in my bags i said sorry ive gotta be somewhere..

then another employee came out and called the police i think. probably gunna come back to bite me as its in my own town and they know my face. was kinda stupid tbh i only got away with about £120 of stuff clothes too i shouldnt have risked it while the employee was still near the door.. but

fuck them, ill return and get more, conceal off camera and walk out again.


extremecouponing wrote

I'm sorry that happened, but idk about stealing out of spite. Just be careful is all I'm saying


BigThief wrote

These are used in the states. Their deployment is sporadic. I have seen them at Kroger and Meijer's. Usually they are used where there is a large homeless population who remove the carts. They set them to lock past last POS or within a radius of the store.


Fandango wrote

Christ. Hadn’t heard of these trollleys. I also regularly lift at that store. Fear of ruining my Xmas is what stopped me lifting today. We’re police called


Jacie wrote

This is terrible, so sorry it happened to you! I'm a big believer in being able to carry what you're getting 99% of the time and here's another reason.


Jamesl wrote

Is this in every store??


YourRebelSugarBaby wrote

Walkouts always look like a bad idea bc of this. It’s too brazen