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Faolinbean wrote

I don't think I count as I participate so rarely but I am here


Psilift wrote

+1, but will be cooling off for a month or two after the sales period, which inevitably comes after xmas/new year.


Fandango wrote

I’m also taking some time out. Been hitting it hard.


shiplofting wrote

Active posting or lifting? Posting, I only comment every now and again but I read almost every thread. And I lift maybe 4/7 days of the week. Maybe more.


BigThief wrote

Actively lifting and posting. I post more than I lift.


fxprowess wrote

I’m active! I do lurk a bunch too tho, mostly just learning, and practicing what I’ve learned. I’m super new so I don’t have a bunch of helpful information to offer. Baby steps I suppose.


Jacie wrote

I newer here but am a longtime lifter. I enjoy reading but I especially appreciate being able to ask questions and see what works for other people.


HelpMeSteal wrote

I would think a lot of those accounts were one off use like "How can i" posts or "I screwed up" posts.


dezertdwellr wrote

For the most part I'm a lurker but I finally created an account a few months ago and have commented on a few posts. Planning on being more active on here in the new year. Love this forum!


El_Sabate wrote

I try to be. I don't post very often but I try to comment when I can.


ycymroflin wrote

I mostly lurk, to be honest. Recently set up a tails stick, and I'm looking to see if I can get a vps set up for btc/xmr, just because it allows for greater anonymity for the doing of internet crimes.


pee wrote

I just lurk but just joined now


d4rk wrote

I'm technically active around 5am up gmt


ItWasMe wrote

there’s me and arguably +2


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Lifter, mostly modposter.

I think lots of people regularly remake make temporary accounts around here, so the subscriber amount is going to be higher than the number of people.


snakez wrote

yeah, the games going slow.


Subversive_Element wrote

Back in the good ol’ days when this was purely a shoplifting thread I was pretty active, posting advice, pics of my hauls, etc.

Nowadays I just lurk.. like a lot of lp/ap and others im guessing. It seems all the OGs are gone.


extremecouponing wrote

I pop in every once in a while. Normally don't post or lift a ton because I still live with my parents, so I don't need to lift much, but I've been picking it back up recently. Stole quite a bit today, may make a post soon


Bmxacid wrote

I've learned a lot of Shit on here I didn't know. Thanks to all that put in the risk


JustJP wrote

I'm active on here and in practice