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  1. Contact the merchant saying the package did not arrive.
  2. Done
  3. Wait for new package or refund.

Do not claim the box was empty. This is the silliest thing I have ever heard of.

Which carrier employee is going to spend the time to open your package when they can take the entire package. The drivers also know the package is weighed. The weight of a package is tracked and noted at every point until it is placed on the truck for final delivery. No driver is going to take a package from their truck because they will immediately be investigated. If someone is going to steal it is going to be in the warehouse.

I know for sure that when you claim box empty you are sometimes tagged as a problematic address. This is worse than being labeled as a high theft area.



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bioisme wrote

i like to order a tiny thing with it and then say only the small thing arrived


pee wrote (edited )

Does anyone know if this works on anything other than amazon. Going do a DNA on a $80 thing first if they got it


boombox67 wrote

What if it's a package that requires signing? If they hand it over to the neighbour, do they usually have to sign for it as well?