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I'm wondering if any one here lifts for these reasons or things like them..

I personally have recently been diagnosed with Autism (HFA) at 24, and am underweight and not in great shape due to a autoimmune disease, as well as ADHD OCD anxiety PTSD addiction issues, bipolar, and suicidal ideation.

shoplifting has become my favourite stim. its a buzz like no other, ive started tempting fate more and more which is stupid.. because a part of me actually wants the LP to chase me... so i can feel the rush, adrenaline,the manic laughter and excitement once i get away - if i do. its ridiculous but i think that goes away when i do big lifts. the high from walking out with a lot of money and personal merch is enough.

Shoplifting also gives the feeling of control and power making it more addictive as thats an innate drive in humans. it also can provide its own sense of status as ultimately money is a human status symbol which can unlock millions of doors in this short life. this society i call "The Human Zoo". good book lol.

but im interested in your opinions on how shoplifting may have helped or hindered your mental health.or any advice.



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BigThief wrote

You are going to have a bad day my friend.

I highly recommend you double think your method of adrenaline. If you start down this road and shoplifting becomes a full blown addiction you are only setting yourself up to fail. Shoplifting is a numbers game. The people that survive long, without screwing up their criminal record, do so by planning. Part of planning is not doing it on impulse, knowing what to grab, how to get away, and having plan B, and C ready for when shit goes south.

You may want to invest in talking to a counselor that works with addiction or kleptomania. You may not be at that point but better safe than sorry.


Jacie wrote

I second this, there isn't a better way to say it


Liftitbro OP wrote

Thanks for your reply man.

If it's ok I will PM you a response.


WalMoney wrote (edited )

I apologize if I make zero sense, very tired. I've always enjoyed reading other's in depth motives for lifting, such as yours. It gives the actions for such a sort of .. substance. I've never thought of describing my reasons, putting it into words, but you've described much of the feelings I feel. I appreciate that as I'm not sure if i could find the right words to portray myself. I first lifted as a young teenager, getting things I wasn't allowed to buy; spray paint, the chappelles show season dvds, music CD's with the parental control sticker, etc.. This stopped until a couple years ago when I hit hard times, produced from hard drugs and hard gambling. Uppers and slot machines are bad on their own, mix the two, talk about a downward spiral from hell. These ignorant actions left me hungry. What can I do after losing good jobs, burning bridges, and being too prideful of asking for help? Oh yeah, my teenage activity. Thus it began. Then I realized I can get stuff to trade for shit, or things to sell so I can fuck it off in the casino, preferably both! Not to mention, like you've said, it's a rush like no other. Pulling out of the lot after loading up a cart, better than any hit ive had. I get this "fuck you ahahah thanks for the cart fuckers" type of way and it is indeed exhilarating to say the least. Part of it that Ive yet to figure out yet is the fear I get. Does the rush make the fear, or does the fear make the rush? Sometimes ill panic inside my head and get sick to my stomach, but it begs the question.. If I were to able to remove the fear, would I still experience the rush? Im not quite sure in this moment lol. I prefer not to be chased or sussed though lol as that would mean one less store to obtain from, one less chance to get high/gamble. Also being slammed into targets doors sucks. Was too ignorant and desperate at the time, lesson learned. The cat and mouse game... WE have to be lucky every time we lift.... LP only has to be lucky just once. Like the other poster, remember the 6 P's with lifting and generally everything. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Impulse and desperation has been the demise to my one mishap. These days I'm still in the depths of my, you could now say three addictions but I've toned down them all down considerably. By no means am I proud of what I've done, stolen and become of myself. It's a struggle that has worn on me mentally. The highs for lifting, like most highs, has its lows associated with it. At least for me. That fear is a tricky one. I yearn for the day I can go to the store and to be able to not worry about having to steal, look over my shoulder, watch for LP or if ill be on the police facebook news. Or getting slammed into targets doors lol. I've learned a lot though, and hopefully I can use lifting later in life to be more financially stable when I get back on the right track. Haha gah, that sounds rugged.. Not to moralize myself but, I know i probably disgusted a few people because ugh , who really wants to be a junkie shoplifting addict and I get that. I never once would ever think I would ever wake up to see the person in the mirror I am today. One day ill be well again.

Anyways I hope I didn't break any rules. Hope this made some sense. Thank you for sharing as it helps me not feel so bad to know im not alone, and I for one dont need to feel any worse than I already do. Thank you. And as always, don't get desperate, stay away from target, remember the 6 P's, and always be lucky.


Tacotacotaco wrote

I’ve been lifting to alleviate the stress i feel over my man and i facing 5-10 years in federal prison soon. Being away from him has made turn to compulsive behavior.