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ChronineX wrote

Walmart always works for me, if you have a brother who plays video games, ive found tons of success stealing controllers, gaming mice, and other electronics. I always the the controller in my pants, between my legs, as far up as I can. I almost always wear adidas joggers, even though theyre tight, theyre the best ive found to conceal.


Kleptofairie wrote

If you have 2 of the same store near you, you could lift from one and go to a second store and return the items they don't have to be big (I'm not sure you can return food tho) most places will let you return the items if you don't have the receipt as long as you show id. They'll give you a gift card you can use in the store. If you're comfortable with that then that would work and if you want cash then you could use something like cardpool and sell the giftcard for cash. Hope this helps.