Submitted by Kleptofairie in Illegalism (edited )

Went to one store swapped tags and got 3 things for $8, returned them for original price totalling around $100 with tax at a different location. At the second location I shopped around and got a few things I needed. I got the biggest container of cat litter they had and went to checkout I sat the box on bottom so I could just walk out (done this before and honestly works especially if things are a bit chaotic) made it about 3 feet away from the register and the cashier very loudly said "Hey! Did you want to pay for the cat litter!?" (Like no I can honestly say I don't) I said "oh shit, sorry I totally forgot I grabbed that!" She rang it up and let me go. I'm not really that worried about it as I think I played it off well, but still anxious because what if t@rgets like watching me know.



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