Restaurants and American imperial symbolism

Submitted by Rosechild in Ignore_please

If you’ve ever looked at like the kindof foods we eat in America they have like trends. You have the German inspired burger places and also the just obviously German places that’s re like pubs. But like when we think of Murcia we think of beer and burgers .... well bud light and McDonald’s but McDonald’s seems like a cross between Irish (the name) and since it’s a burger place it seems German. Fries are danish...still.
Then you also have like the Mexican restaurants everywhere which could be because we have a large Mexican population. There is also the Italian restaurants like Olive Garden and spaghetti wearhouse. Which the ittialn and German ones are because after ww2 the U.S. had a large influx of immigrants from there. Also speaking of the axis powers you have sushi resutants and hibachi grills but I think these were kindof already a thing before ww2 since I know that Japan already had a fairly large population in like California and Hawaii. Now I do know that during the 1800s the US had a influx of Irish and Chinese immigrants. So like maybe that’s why we could have a lot of Chinese restaurants but I think it isant really. Maybe since you have the Asian Buffetts and like Thai places those could be because of like Laos,Cambodia,Korea,and Vietnam because like I know my math teacher was from Vietnam and she was telling us about how like she came here to look for work and like maybe some of these people opened restaurants like in the show ‘fresh off he boat’ .... idk but like it’s just odd to me how you can see American history in our resturants


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