Everything is political

Submitted by Rosechild in Ignore_please

It’s odd how growing up it seems like we’re taught to ignore politics and how we’re taught that like nothing except for a few things are political and now suddenly we have to realize that everything is in fact political... well at least that’s what it seems. Is being gay or queer political? If so how is it different then being stright? Is being female? Is being male? How is being poor more controversial then being rich? Like what about hating the black panthers? Now suddenly it’s not that political but if you hate the cops it’s a different story. But if you like and actually respect heauy newton and the black panther party and you give them your support for what you used to do I feel like that’s seemingly more political, right?

Where I’m going with this is that, do politics even exist? Like really what are they? If they are “rules and polices that manage our life” no those are laws. If it’s “social economic ideas that change how scoiaty work” then that ignores how everything is political then like if a child says something like “I’m hungry” this is still a political thing. Yeah they are little but they are still factors that effect other things down the line or at least can.

What I’m getting at is that I’m kindof thinking that politics don’t exist as a stand alone concept but instead it’s a idea to scilence others. “I don’t have benefits and like you pay me very little like can i please have more like I need to pay my family” “oh stop being so political you just need to work for it blah blah blah” like do you get what I mean


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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

I agree that virtually everything is political. Even being born, and occupying a location is political. Considering that most are born with a birth certificate associated with a nation that is most certainly political. We're pretty much owned as labor livestock on their farm. White settler born on land stolen from indigenous? Then consider the politics of the fact that your life replaced the original life that was there, and that your existence is white supremacist (which doesn't make you a white supremacist, just that you're helping your white supremacist nation by being there). Just being indigenous on land that has been stolen from you, and then you're charged with trespassing for attempting to sleep on the sidewalk. There's no way to escape being political.

I can never understand when people say that they don't want to talk politics, when everything is politics. Even if you try to distract yourself by talking about some movie, that movie was created by the politics of every investor, mind, resource, and hand that went into it.