Why did you join the IWW?

Submitted by jlwob in IWW

I joined the IWW, at first, because it was the only union that I would be able to join in the technology industry. I knew that I probably wouldn't be able to organize my workplace (though it hasn't stopped me from trying). Also, I wanted something that had more solidarity with workers from other industries than something like the Tech Workers Coalition. However, the kind of anti-labor sentiment that has risen in the United States in the last 50 years convinced that industrial unionism is the best model build labor solidarity. I want to see more businesses owned and run by the workers and I think the IWW will be an excellent model to move forward with workplace democracy everywhere.

I am curious to hear what drew all of you to the One Big Union!


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anarchistspectacle wrote

Because I am an anarchist and I believe in the revolutionary industrial unionist strategy to liberation from the wage system.


SAF_Bear wrote

I learned about the IWW while I was looking more into anarchism and I ended up joining to support fellow anarchists in my branch