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lori wrote (edited )

I'm making fun of the idea that all anarchists are communists. Mutualism wasn't a "primitive form of anarchism", it's anarchism. Just as all the other non-communist anarchisms are. It's such a weird idea to assume that only communists can be anarchists when there's been... so many non-communist anarchists that clearly do exist.

And given those exist, the title "anarcho-primitivist" doesn't at all imply communist ideas.


Larde wrote

Actually, Pol Pot wasn't a communist. Pol Pot is to anarcho-primitivism as Stalin is to anarcho-communism. Like anprims, his goal was to abolish civilization, he had no problems with creating millions of deaths in the process, and he absolutely hated disabled people, as well as intellectuals. Like the anprims, he called his ideology communist when it was just another death cult. The only difference between the anprims and him is, Pol Pot wanted to use the state in order to remake society in his own image. The anprims don't want to use a state to achieve that goal.

And everyone should know he was backed by the CIA, so why would the CIA help to spread communism?