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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

It's nice to have a reminder that humanity has always been fucked, and the horrors we're seeing today are not the first time terrible things happened. Holy smokes.

On a much lighter note, the tribal group that worshiped the flayed god were the Popoloca native Americans. I know I'm pulling phrases from different languages, but I read 'Popoloca' as 'Crazy Pope', and now I have a mental image of Francis wearing the skin of some hapless victim - knowing Catholics, maybe someone GLBTQ+.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Fuckedness is pretty relative. Aztec religion held sacrifice to be an unfortunate but necessary means to save the world from ending and from what we can tell the sacrifices were at least held as honored in most contexts, I don't see it as much different from the blots that pre-/early scandinavian Forn Sed cultures used to hold or Christianity's entire death cult schema.


LanguageBot wrote

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BlackFlagged moderator wrote

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n_n wrote

Time to put back on fashion the practice with the skins of the rich.