On the Black Army

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I feel many people who write about it resort to strong-manning Makhno; do not make such a mistake. He is the biggest name only due to his survival and his writings' survival. He opened one such writing with tributes to his friends and family who had died in the revolution they all fought together, rather than a glorification of himself. The revolution which hundreds of thousands were involved in, where nearly every peasant fought in battle for at least a day or two before returning home.

I dedicate this volume to the memory of my dead friends and comrades who struggled with me to organize revolutionary Ukrainian workers to bring about a free, anarchist communist society:

Peter Gavrilenko, Alexander Kalashnikov, Moise Kalinichenko, Simon Karetnik, Philip Krat, Isidor (Peter) Lyutyi, Alexis Marchenko, Savva Makhno, Andrei Semenyuta, Gabriel Troyan, Stepan Shepel, Boris Veretelnik, Kh. Gorelik, Pavel Korostilev (Khundai), Luc Panchenko, Abram Shnayder, and others.

They perished under various circumstances but always in pursuit of the same goal: the realization and putting into practice of the concepts of liberty, equality, and free labour.

Do not glorify Makhno, or the 'Makhnovists', but instead acknowledge a movement by the people of Ukraine, lest we fall into the idea of a 'Makhno' leading us to victory just as they would say 'Lenin' steered our opponents to socialism.


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