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Dumai wrote (edited )

might be a minor nitpick but cudjoe lewis was the last known survivor of an atlantic slave ship

one of things about the slave trade is that people literally just went missing and we have no idea if they escaped or were killed; slave trade records were often shoddy as fuck so there is a pretty decent chance a slave ship survivor outlived lewis but we will probably never know

also atlantic importation of slaves had long since been outlawed by this time so all of these operations were kept under wraps. the ship lewis was on was scuttled to prevent it from being found after it landed. we still don't know where it is! that gives you an idea of how little certainty there is in this history. so who knows if there were still other roughly contemporaneous ships that were better at evading the authorities. it might not be very likely but there is always a chance that you can't really ignore


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I had the same impression as you - still thought it would be an interesting post :)