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existential1 wrote

Few things are more important than growing your own food to the best of your ability. When I was in a basement apartment i grew mushrooms near the window and herbs in yogurt containers in the closet.

Now that I'm on a slightly larger plot of land, .18 acres minus a 550sq ft house, I've got trees, shrubs, and veggies.

Food is so important.


ghost wrote

I’d be very curious to know if, before going to something as extreme as keto, these folks could’ve had the same results by going gluten-free.

Gluten has been a known cause of schizophrenia symptoms in at least 5% of schizophrenic patients for over 50 years. Removing gluten has also been documented to help alleviate other debilitating mh symptoms, as well.

There’s also a long-known link between celiac, diabetes, and thyroid disorders, so seeing the insulin resistance symptoms doesn’t surprise me either.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I wonder what can be said about how having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma makes people feel like you get to be cured of that with this method but not if you have HIV.

I get that HIV can become harmless insofar as a person takes ARVs but given also how HIV disproportionately affects poor black people and queer people there's probably something to be said there.