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bloodrose wrote

This is an interesting take and not one I had even considered. My best friend is partially anti-vax (like, she questions the timing of the vaccines and does think they're partially dangerous but is still somewhat vaccinating her kids). We've nearly stopped being friends over fights on this. However, she's also been through a lot of shit with doctors and medicine. I have, too, but my response isn't instant distrust of science. I do distrust doctors; however, I do trust medical studies and do my own research on problems I am having. I guess I should be more empathetic with her on her experiences.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Yes. On the other hand, my wife and I have wasted some time in these discussions and it's difficult to be civil in the face of some absurd ideas.

First and foremost, the doctors, nurses, and maybe most importantly pharmaceutical executives and research scientists pushing vaccines on all of us vaccinate their own kids.

What kind of contorted logic do you have to invent to justify that as part of an evil conspiracy? Big Pharma execs would give their own kids autism for the sake of profits? Really?


conseil wrote

Big Pharma execs would give their own kids autism for the sake of profits?

I'm not anti-vaxx, but I'm pretty confident they would sacrifice their firstborns for a few bags of money.


Notech wrote (edited )

Same. Particularly for genetic modification after the twins in China who were modded using CRISPR.

What I fear about vaccination is similar to what anti-vaxxers fear, even though I'm not them. Mass sterilization and population control with genetic modification and/or disease, is the weapon that governments can and will use against the people, and no platform is better than vaccination.

For the record, eugenics always link to fascism and white supremacy. Practically the healthcare system that Western countries built were based upon eugenics theories. Look at how Israel mass sterilized Ethiopian Jews, or Canadian government forced sterilizing indigenous women.

Let's not forget the US military once tested 239 secret bio weapon tests through mass accessible healthcare in San Francisco, so the concern of anti-vaxxers are real. Though the autism part is pure bullshit.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Some would, certainly. I don't deal with that many of the ultra rich. But for upper middle class and the few ultra rich I do know, family is critical and their biggest joy is spoiling their kids.


betterletter wrote

In theory, im anti vaxx (I border on anprim) but in practice, pro-vax. I've turned down a couple vaccines like HPV (im monogamous + married) and the flu (changes all the time, not that effective), but I have a friend who grew up with anti-vax parents and it was very frightening for her.

Im happy to see this article, its not somethings I've considered before