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Faolinbean wrote

I'd like to, but it would be easier for me to write something in response to specific questions than a guide bc i wouldn't know where to start


goof_goat wrote

yeah, ive been thinking about it off and on all weekend, and a starting point is tough. I can think of a couple questions like "what do i do when i get a medical bill i can't pay" and "how do find a doctor if i have insurance," but yeah. there are a really lot of scenarios


BunnyBoop wrote

That's a good idea. We should maybe also add information about insurance and what to ask your insurance rep to find out how they cover and pay stuff. Lots of people with insurance don't know how it works. I deal mostly with Medicare and Medicaid, so I can add a little about that. They make some of their coverage standards public online, so we can link to those.

Commercial insurances all have different procedures and standards, so that would be more complicated, but we could add some questions to ask their insurance rep to figure it out.


goof_goat wrote

that actually works out well because i mostly know about commercial insurance & medical billing