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darsa wrote

All hierarchical religion fucks people over, let's not be biased towards one just because our enemy is against them; its all good to defend Muslims, but let's not go so far as defending a hierarchical church.


94z7z94z7z94z7z94z7z wrote

I disagree since we're speaking about a religion that literally tells its followers: "Make use of medical treatment, for God Almighty did not create an illness but that He made a cure for it - except for one disease (death)", and where medicine has been highly regarded as being a noble profession, and a communal obligation for the entire community to produce physicians, and one of the architects of the four orthodox schools of law in Islam named al-Shafi'i (9th century) lamented at his time how Muslims weren't as brilliant as others in the field of Medicine stating, "they lost the third of all knowledge, leaving it to the Jews and Christians", and said once, "I do not know of a more noble field after the one of the permissible and impermissible than medicine". Read as well this article: