Talk about death

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It is not the death itself, but the process of dying which currently scares me a little bit, to be honest. I realized that more after heard of the following via the web:

We will die -at least- twice

  • first time when we stop breathing or essential body-functions stopped working
  • and a second time when somebody thinks about us for the last time

Have it stuck in my head since then and remembered it today while going to bed. My Mom once told me something simple, yet smart: "Death belongs to Life" vanishing my personal taboo to talk about it. Let's get started.


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froop wrote (edited )

My thoughts about death are all pretty much straight out of A Course In Miracles and related material.

I find the idea of death hilarious. You'd only be afraid of it if you believed yourself to be a body.

They say the leadup to death can be unpleasant (unless you're enlightened), because your body is dying of something, but actually dying can be a relief.

And as for people not thinking about us anymore, only an ego would be upset about that loss of specialness.

Decay and death is the nature of what we absurdly call 'life'. None of it is true. The universe itself is a lie. Only the True Mind in which we truly reside (while dreaming of bodies) has any reality at all.

Too radical?


noordinaryspider wrote

The second scares me worse than the first, but there is something even worse.

I promised to remember a currently deceased person as they actually were rather than sugar-coating the fact that they once existed with socially acceptable language such as "heavenly reward", which they thought sounded like a flavour of ice cream and "passed away", which just wasn't something they would ever do.

It was a fairly major responsibility that I take quite seriously.

As for my own, meh; I was never afraid of dying, only of living.