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Commenter points out a questionable idea in a list of startup ideas posted to HN.

NN = neural network

GAN = generative adversarial network, a machine "learning" technique

For example, a GAN trained on photographs can generate new photographs that look at least superficially authentic to human observers, having many realistic characteristics.



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lettuceLeafer wrote

CW mentioning rape of children.

This idea seems like a poor idea as it's based on actual pictures. But the idea of people who want child pornography paying artists to make incredibly realistic child porn is a massive improvement over paying people to rape children to make child porn. Tho I still think pedos viewing Loli porn of adults who can concent and aren't innocent children but look incredibly young is even better.

Yeah all imagery of the rape of children is inherently harmful to some degree. But fuck, selling the drawing seems like such a better alternative to people paying to have children raped. This whole anti all harm reductive CP rhetoric seems like a bad idea to me as it actually discourages strategies to minimize the rape of children and does nothing to actually prevent people viewing and creating real child porn.


moonlune wrote

CW: CP, rape

Yeah all imagery of the rape of children is inherently harmful to some degree.

Does "regular" rape/non-consentb porn increase sexual offenses? It can be found everywhere in most of the incest porn tropes for example or in the kink community.

I know watching porn isn't great for one's sex life and so on, but if there were anything pointing to porn making people rapist, it'd probably be well known. Incels maybe?

If regular rape/non-consent porn isn't harmful, I don't see why it would be different for CP.


capitan OP wrote

I don't have any studies to rely on, but two ideas seem probable to me:

  • watching pornography reinforces neural reward pathways for that specific imagery
  • all media consumed, including pornography, contributes to the socialization of an individual and the establishment of societal norms

lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I'd say the difference is that one I make believe and one is real. One is glamorizing pretending to be siblings and the other is glamorizing raping actual kids.

I have no experience with rape personally but I do know violence.

In my experience as someone who has enacted and inflicted plenty of violence personally the arguments of fictional violence desensitizing one to violence doesn't hold true. No matter how hard you try fictional violence isn't real.

I do think however video depictions of actual violence ala LiveLeak, local social groups being okay with it and the kind of violence I was commiting saying that is was ok made the transition from a non violent person to someone en acting it on a fairly regular basis made the transition far easier and normal and probable was what made it possible.

So my guess that isn't proven is that if you are watching children get raped, paying children to get raped, having out in communities which glamorizes raping kids makes it easier for one and incentives one to abuse children by making is seem more desirable.

And from the knowledge from criminals when you want to get knew employees to commit crimes for you who are normally against crimes and or not commiting crimes it's way easier once you get them agree to work for you one time.

Often times it's only possible to get someone to agree to that first ask if it's more benign. Asking someone to take a package to a friend's house is quite common.

And once you have someone on your payroll doing deliveries it's easier to get them to do a delivery openly saying it drugs or having them drive you to a drug deal or possibly even sell drugs to you.

It's more complicated than that but the point is that I see the act of paying for child pornography to be one of the first steps to legitimize raping a child. It's easier to pay someone to view them rape and child and incentivizes them to rape more children than to rape a child personally. But once you have payed for a child to be raped I would image it's way easier to rape one yourself. Hell I can already come up with legitimizations. "Well I already cause children to be raped if I do it myself I can reduce harm by being nicer to the child and not physically abusing them or get the child to 'consent' which makes it way better than no consent."

I could be wrong but I would doubt people beating off to kids getting raped has no effect on their opinions on rape of children.

Edit: so I guess my point is that if you watch two concerning adults pretend to be engaging in pedophilic actions I would be far more sceptical of it making people more likely to become child abusers. But the mere act of viewing actual child abuse rather than pretend child abuse makes a big difference.