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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Alright, I'll bite. Please respond with links for one or two of your favourite songs to listen to :) I know you're always posting grindcore but I'm hoping for something more specific.

(I can handle metal just fine so you don't need to pop it up for me. Bonus points for anarchism if that's an option)


SpiderGrinder OP wrote (edited )

I'll try, but most songs in the genre are around 1-2 minute so I'll post few of them. Personally I'm more into listening to grind albums as a whole instead of one or two song, but of course there are songs that stand out in each album.

Grindcore is pretty much a leftist genre as far as I know, but I'm often too lazy to read the lyrics as I'm more into getting the sheer energy out of the music itself.


Assück is probably down your alley, lyrically speaking, especially the album Anticapital. My favorite songs from that album are Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes [0:52]


The clowns are now the ringmasters

backed with the arsenal of the economy.

Our ears are plugged

when we speak the tongue of reality.

Failure to accept the truths,

we speak of peace,

but push civilization to the edge.

We can't build harmony on apathy

and we can't live on dreams alone.

I pledge allegiance to the symbol of power and greed.

It stands for a false republic under the guidance of a question mark god.

Raping some, stealing from others.

Fighting to scale the class ladder that splinters so many hands.

Uncivilized. I'd rather close my eyes.

and Page by Page [1:15]


Along with the art of conquest and domination,

we have developed the absolute science

of ignorance and bound it in text

for generations of the unthinking.

Between the lines of a one sided history,

reads the bitter truth of exploitation.

The echoes of dehumanization can still be heard

in the hills of Wounded Knee

or the streets of Bensonhurst.


Insect Warfare is probably my favorite band atm, since they have the sheer intensity and energy that I seek. The lyrics that I've read is pretty meh for my taste (something something misanthropy, end of days and how the internet is alienating us), but their songs are great. Pestilent Excruciation [1:30] is a great example of the relentless driving force that the genre has, and Necessary Death [0:51] is my favorite track from the classic album World Extermination!

Aaaaaand here's a little groovy taste from other bands, like Wormrot [1:00], Magrudergrind [0:42], Haggus [0:57], Archagathus [1:00], Terrorizer [2:15] and Death Toll 80k [2:54]

Hope this helps :)


Fossidarity wrote

I've tried my best to find some more "accessible" grindcore, it's probably more deathgrind but coming from a metal perspective that might be easier to get into than the more punky grindcore.