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EVENNN wrote

Never heard of these people before (or even Mincecore in general), great stuff!


SpiderGrinder OP wrote

So, what is Mince?

Reddit user ParaTC made a fine definition in his post of different Grind styles, but he describes Mince as:

"Early Mincecore:

This is basically a punkier, more political version of Goregrind. This was started with Agathocles. Mince is characterized by extremely simplistic song writing, punk riffs/drumming, and politically charged lyrics. [...].

Some bands that played a key part in early Mince are Agathocles, ROT, Dahmer, Warsore and Unholy Grave."


"Modern Mince:

Kind of my bread and butter as far as knowing bands. This follows heavily in the foot steps of the early Mince bands that I mentioned earlier. Except now everyone is drunk or doing meth and it's dorky as fuck. The main stalwart of the subgenre is Archagathus, who are prolific as fuck and imo better than Agathocles. Modern Mince is characterized by unintelligible modulated vocals, bouncy almost polka inspired drumming and d beats and literally just punk riffs. Almost always Gore lyrics as well while retaining a little bit of the politics. Fun stuff.

Bands for modern mince would be Archagathus, Haggus, Active Stenosis, Hyperemesis, Fentanyl Surprise, Los Reyes Bong Death, Couple Skate, Deterioration, Lt. Dan, Bob Plant, etc"