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Probably one of the most hated genre out there? I like me some goregrind, be it really serious gurgle gore or just some groovy and campy fun. Some of it is pretty misogynist and I can't say that I like that part much, but goregrind concerts are pretty fun even if the band sucks.

Goregrind is probably one of the main reason why the mincecore sub-subgenre became a thing, because Agathocles were fed up with the misogyny and snuff (which is gore related) trend that was going on in grind. Don't know how they feel about it, but modern mince bands seem to be including gore in their lyrics and vegetarianism/veganism, like Haggus (and they really hate pornogrind (is that even a real genre?)).

Gore and veganism seems to be opposites in a way but gore is actually a quite good propaganda to make people crave less meat. Even Carcass, the blueprint band of goregrind, used gore as a controversial propaganda to promote veganism, because if you dislike the sight of human meat/corpse/carcass then you should be as disgusted by animal meat etc. The infamous album cover of Reek of Putrefaction probably makes so much sense now.

But yeah, I'm not really sure if anyone reads this stuff sooooooo /// it's really fucking cold outside and my computer crashed to death two days ago. My favorite number is 13 but I think the number 19 is getting more recognition in my mind. I would mince for a beer right now. Max Stirner is bae Ω //// I need me some hot truth, link me something interesting to read and have a good day .



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