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simianthrope wrote

I don't think that is the reason why we're producing crap that destroys wild life. There is of course the domestication angle, one that is rather about "civilized vs savage" dichotomy. Tho the philosophical foundations in themselves may be overrated.

Why do people keep buying/consuming cars and make babies, for instance? Is this really because they see themselves as separate from the natural world?

I'm finding this narrative to be counter-productive and not that well-founded.

Our cities are filled with cars and people still make plenty of babies even if there's zero need for those, other than, in some cases, financial incentives by governments. Just these two things in themselves, continuous unneeded procreation and car-based cultures, and putting an incredible economic weight on natural ecosystems, destroying and/or exploiting those on a large scale. You should the story, by now.

People are into capital, power. Or obtaining more. At least that's how they are programmed to be into. Cars and babies are seen as tools for this, to gain more power and accumulate more capital.


simianthrope wrote (edited )

Geez... you live in a world of social media binaries. It's not because I'm questioning some commenter's vision of "trans" that it makes me a "cis oppressor" or whatev.

Furthermore... how can anyone here even claim I'm "cis"?

In fact, I'm queer, and those allegations are in themselves oppressive to my sexual non-identity. You ppl are attempting to force me down an ID pols box where I don't belong...

As you can see, we can play this game forever. 'til we realize representation politics are all bullshit. Just a more sophisticated version of the game of "No u vs No u".


simianthrope wrote (edited )

So let's start with this region in here:,-106.2604426,8z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x51d8aa9d7e281df5:0x3ea61e49a27154de!8m2!3d75!4d-90.0000001

I posted the map version, not satellite, to show you the absence of roads, even while there are a few sparse towns where people go to and fro by airplane, and less often boat. Feel free to zoom closer in satellite mode to notice the sheer absence of any bigger human presence, and much less infrastructure, save from, perhaps, a handful of hunters or very occasional scientists or military doing specific training or observation operations.

Or equally places like these:,+Russia/@70.05736,155.5930424,7z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x5c87ebbaf5e77a3b:0x2c4412982b67464c!8m2!3d61.0137097!4d99.1966559,-68.7649779,6.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0xa4b9967b3390754b:0x6e52be1f740f2075!8m2!3d-75.250973!4d-0.071389 (lol),138.2853407,8.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3627050669aa6d4b:0xe0dd213937e6e096!8m2!3d46.862496!4d103.846656

...and on and on...

See? Took me just a bit more time/effort than downvoting. Not too hard.


slmlanthrope wrote (edited )

T H A N K Y O U. Now I'm going to go posture myself as an anti-civ philosopher king but also uphold patriarchal gender norms -- I might even pretend that there exists places untouched by civilization because for some reason I think only the evil white men can do things. I'm very F E R A L.