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hasbrochem wrote

sounds like it can be summed up in one word "capitalism"

as an example, the thing about crushing cans isn't because it makes them unrecycleable but rather because one can't get money back for them (which the original buyer had to pay the deposit on anyway). that's like when kids don't want a broken cookie because it doesn't taste as good. lolz uber and lyft, peak late stage capitalism where the workers bears the brunt of all the costs while the owner rakes in the profits.


celebratedrecluse wrote

I just take bags from people who don't use them. Never bought a single one. Anyway, this vice article is ridiculous as per usual, you can hate on cotton bags if you want but by far a more important contributor to cotton-related pollution is the clothing industry.

frankly, none of our individual choices matter on this stuff. just do whatever makes you feel better and takes your mind off the ecocide, that's all we're doing here lol


celebratedrecluse wrote

Yeah, you should always not crush the cans anyway, because if crushed they cannot be recycle for money. if you don't return them, it's likely that me or someone like me will try, and the attendant at the gas station bottle return and I will get into an argument over the crushed cans. happens every week or so lol


celebratedrecluse wrote

Certainly at the left end of the anarchism spectrum the philosophy is anti-capitalist and truly democratic.

Left end of the anarchism spectrum? Are they referring to other end as post-leftists? In that case, that seems pretty offensive to all the post-lefties I know. If they are referring to ancaps as the "right end of the anarchist spectrum", that's just fucking ridiculous, they are neo-feudalists and have nothing in common with anarchists at all. Only someone with an axe to grind against anarchists, an ancap, or someone who genuinely doesn't understand anarchism, would call ancaps anarchists.

Bookchin was at first a libertarian socialist, but moved to a more unambiguously anarchist philosophy

This is a very truncated view of Bookchin, who moved from libertarian socialism, to anarchism, but then totally abandoned anarchism and anarchist movements to create his own ideology, Communalism. Certainly, it draws on anarchism and socialism, but its also its own thing. How one can talk about socialism, anarchism, and Bookchin without mentioning the whole lifestylist just positions Bookchin in a disingenuously anarchist positionality, when his Communalist and eco-socialist writings (mostly from that last period of Bookchin's politics which is conspicuously absent from mention here) are definitely opposed to many currents within contemporary anarchism and recent anarchist history.

After the necessary anti-capitalist revolution, a peaceful one hopefully, eco-socialists believe that some sort of ‘central state’ will be needed, which is not the view of anarchists, by and large, but this should be time limited. I think central direction will be essential, to set in train a process which will lead to eco-socialism, but its aim should also be to dissolve itself as soon as possible, certainly in no more than ten years, and probably less than this.

This just seems incoherent. Typical ahistorical marxist hand-waving of any serious theoretical engagement with the historical phenomenon of the state. Also, even more comma splices than I usually throw in to my raddle posts, which is quite impressive lol

IDK this isn't a good treatment of the subject. I don't even disagree with the point they're making, but it's not made well is my problem with this.