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zod wrote

This is going to hurt the poor a lot more than the rich. If we can't get to our jobs, we'll lose our jobs. The rich will just take a helicopter.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

Hopefully a genuine public transit option is available. Or heavy subsidies or exemptions for certain economic brackets. But barring that, you're absolutely right.


J7383 wrote

Free rides for everyone is how they'd need to sell this.


moo wrote (edited )

unfortunately no.

our bus system is absolutely trash. I've lived in japan for a little while too so I know how good public transportation could be.

source : I live there

Edited to add:

due to my anxiety I also took public transportation for a long time because I could not drive. I worked in a very affluent area and took the same bus route with people that cleaned houses up there. it took me an hour and half on bus to get to my second job only 9 miles away. when I learned to drive it was such a weight off my shoulders :(


bobpaul wrote

California already makes it expensive to own anything older than 10 years and the proposed ban is "more than 10 years out". A Nissan Leaf with 20k miles on it is only $8k. In 10 years one will be able to get a much better used electric car for $8k.


BlackFlagged wrote

They really need to improve their public transport to pull this off.


foggymorn wrote

Wow, California really gets it. If we don't take drastic action like this, we won't have a world left pretty soon.


__deleted_____ wrote

I'm all for this, communities are a lot friendlier when everyone rides bicycles or public transport.


elchololoco wrote

While your assertion is true, unless the bill provides for dramatic budgetary increases for public transit and bicycle infrastructure (and/or a free bike for anybody who wants one), it will massively, massively screw anyone who can't buy an electric car, which--let's be honest--is most of us.


sudo wrote (edited )

This is something that I've always struggled with. If a revolution happens, what should be the socialist government's position on gas cars? Banning them outright sounds great, but then a lot of people would be left without transportation. It'd take a long time to produce enough electric cars to replace all the gasoline ones. Some people may not understand, and that might turn them against the socialist gov. But if you go with a 5-year plan type of thing, where you replace each gas car with an electric one whenever one is available, then you're going to cause a lot more pollution.

Currently, I'm leaning towards the 5-year plan, because the economy will freeze if people can't make it to their jobs. This will turn people against socialism, and there might be a counter-revolution, which brings back capitalism and all its disregard for the environment, which would be worse than either of the above things. Maybe we could put a lot of funding into creating green mass transit, so that everyone has some way of getting to work, then ban gas cars, but I could still see a lot of people getting angry over that, since we'd be taking away their car without giving them a replacement car.


LeftCantMeme wrote

Electric cars aren't any better. Have you ever seen a lithium mine? Or have any idea how much fossil fuel is used to mine it and ship it?


Fr_a_zz wrote

electric cars aren't the final perfect answer - they're just a better answer than what we do now don't sacrifice good at the altar of perfect