Does it make sense to buy a solar powered phone charger?

Submitted by Professor_Rowan in Green

My family has 4 iphones, and I will probably stop using my iphone and start using an old Alcatel one touch by the end of this month. I can't really afford to buy an entire solar panel set up for the entire house right now, but I can probably start small.

I know I should look for used solar chargers first, just because of the whole "mining for the raw materials" and such. Is there anything I should think of before I go on Ebay, find one used, buy at least one or two, and use them? I understand they aren't perfect and I will need to protect them, I am thinking more like "does it make more sense to get some from a store near me or to buy used?" or "are there other ways I can start small with renewable energy since I need to actually understand all this solar power jargon before I buy a modular panel?"


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disfalo wrote

I'd save for the solar panel for the entire house, because it will solve it for everything. But I cannot give you any good advice, I don't have a phone and I don't have any experience with solar energy.


theheart wrote

Solar for the house is best; but having a solar charger is pretty useful, especially for emergency situations.

I'd say you should get it for that alone.


ziq wrote

Get a folding one you can hang from a backpack and charge multiple devices at once. Look for the highest wattage you can find.