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BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

Industrialism can never be sustainable. It depends on unending growth. Our society needs to be rebooted, not just in an economics sense that would distribute wealth more evenly. That wouldn't save the planet for future generations, it would just make us more comfortable now.


Defasher wrote (edited )

I doubt it would even make most of us more comfortable in the short term. If 8 billion people suddenly had access to the resources of middle class Westeners, the planet would burn to a crisp in a matter of months. The climate is already fucked as it is. Westeners need to give up much of their luxuries, be satisfied living as minimalists. Spreading the Western lifestyle across the globe only ensures we all go extinct sooner.

This generation is better at making do with less, but it's not enough. The vast majority of the damage to the planet is done to ensure Westeners keep buying shit they don't need to keep the capitalist machine bulldozing on.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

Yeah, the majority of the world population are barely contributing to the climate collapse, it's really the affluent West that is responsible for this mess and the only way to ensure this planet can still sustain life a century from now is to HOPE the Western empire collapses and takes its toxic expand-conquer-or-die way of life with it.

This is the first time in history that such an unsustainable force of destruction has kept going for so long. Capitalism and industrialism are a potent combination and the empire is incredibly adept at keeping the masses blinded while they rape our lands and poison our water and air as we look on.