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Defasher wrote

It absolutely nonsensical that the 99% haven't risen up against the 1% with all the suffering in the world, wtf is wrong with us? Are we completely indoctrinated into servitude?


NEOalquimista wrote

I keep asking myself too... how did it work so well? Religion, capitalism, these things. How did it start? Maybe religion started in some empire, being thought to people as a way to give them a comfortable cushion and maintain the order they lacked at the time. Or someone wrote a book and told people that he found it at the top of a mountain or something, and it was glowing white and blah blah... you know people.

When we're kids, we often tell weird stories to our friends, like "Playstation 3 will have immersive goggles, and if you die inside the game, you die in real life". I told this story to a friend when I was 12 and he believed it. So why not religion? The human race was a kid once. Now we're probably adolescents.


BlackFlagged wrote

Now we're probably adolescents.

We're like 5 by my estimate. I mean, we still shit on (pollute) our own living space.


sudo wrote

Eh, we're probably past five, but we're infected by a parasite (capitalism), which is holding us back.


alqm wrote

Kids don't know things, they believe in whatever you tell them and they shit everywhere. Adolescents think they know everything and they will keep stepping on the same shit despite all the warnings.

I think we're like ~15 years old.

People like Trump makes me sure that we're 15 yrs old.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

It's a shame - Jason Hickel, the writer here, has been putting together illuminating and contextualising stuff like this for years, along with of course many other people, and the gears of the capitalist death machine grind too loudly for anybody to hear it.