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fjones wrote

Agree, and since this was written by Derrick Jensen we have to ask him (and Lierre Keith) about transgender becomings as political acts and guess what? We find out they are. So nothing's as simple as simple-minded Derrick likes to portray it : not only the inability of DGR to stage effective protest against the corporate-military state but to even begin to sketch an outline of what revolution might look like. In this way, the insurgent anarchists have gone much further, though they need numbers, and that is another point completely sidestepped by Derrick. So in a way, Derrick's work is like pouring water in front of a thirsty person, he adds to the obvious catastrophe. Derrick's books, like much of left-alternative media are vulture-like, showing us the obvious carrion without a discussion of previous attempts at revolt and what lessons might be learned from them. Pretty harmless stuff but I'm not forgiving him and Lierre for printing writers who have said there needs to be a (human) "die-off". That always means the poor countries.