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RosaReborn wrote

I guess it's another rung on the scale leading up to car free but I don't understand it either.

On, it says it's about 660 tons of CO2 for a round trip transatlantic flight which is truly an outrageous amount of emissions. Equivalent to an average house operating for 50 years or producing 50 tons of beef which I hate the idea of.

I have a flight this fall so I'm trying to rationalize it. Divided by 400 seats on the plane puts personal use at 1.65tons which is less than the theoretical amount it would take to drive the same distance so a bit more efficient than car. Either way, travelling is not something I want to do or can afford to do very often


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Just to be clear, as far as I can tell the 660 tons of CO2 are for the whole flight, not on a per-person basis. The first flight carbon footprint calculator I found estimated 0.9 tons of CO2 for an individual flying from JFK (New York City) to LHR (London).