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retiredshared2 wrote

spearheaded by the ruling, leftist Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN, party with financial assistance from a Chinese infrastructure development firm.

if ortega is leftist i dunno where i stand anymore

the United States is leading the charge against the project by supporting right-wing opposition parties and a handful of bribed campesino groups protesting its construction. In 2016, for example, two U.S. diplomats were caught helping organize opposition protests.

This isn't wrong, but Ortega now basically runs the country as his own little clique- literally his family makes up the government. I'd prefer a right ruler over this at this point. The further I read, the more I feel the 'anti-imperialism' here is of the tankie form rather than a legitimate form.


0w0 OP wrote

Yep, how I see it both sides are in a game of the pot calling the kettle black. The label "leftist" and "socialist" are used by them only for populist purposes, they don't have the intentions of abolish private property.


ziq wrote

Did those terms ever mean anything substantive tho?


0w0 OP wrote

I don't think so. But some, as in that article, use it to define themselves as anti-capitalists which is far from true.