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autonomous_hippopotamus OP wrote

Transhumanism is just as apocalyptic and utopian as Primitivism. The idea of the singularity and quest for immortality are basically mystical and misguided, even dangerous in some case. Many transhumanists are some kind of anarcho-capitalist or authoritarian socialist, i have had transhumanists tell me that issues like pollution and climate change don't matter because eventually they will just invent some technology that will undo all these problems. Of course, they don't think that non-humans, or ecosystems have any value outside of human exploitation.

I would make an exception for those who may be fascinated by trans-humanism as a means of liberation from purely biological constraints. For example, many trans folks, likewise i know many people with disabilities, say people with acute autism, are able to communicate or develop other skills only thanks to computers and related technologies. But fascination is not dogmatic adherence. We can recognize that technology can be liberatory without worshiping technology as a messianic force.

Regardless of how you view tehnology in general, Medical Technology (perhaps liberated from a certain institutional or ) is something humans literally can't live without. The medical profession and the institutional context of medicine ( the history of racism, sexism, violence against the mentally ill etc.) should be critiqued or or some ways abolished, but medical science is something we must hold on to as a species and make available to everyone.


supernice wrote

Of course, they don't think that non-humans, or ecosystems have any value outside of human exploitation.

This point is what makes it extremely dangerous. The complete disregard for anything but our own species is….I don’t even know how to phrase it…a kind of extremism? We matter and nothing else. I can’t fathom how this is acceptable. It shows a complete disdain for life. Your point about those for whom it would actually make life better is a far cry from those who want to fly around like Ironman just because they can. I agree with that entirely, as well as your take on medical tech.