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TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

Yo read my comments... I've got no issue with post-civs! I disagree with them but they arent my enemies. (I disagree because i dont believe low tech tribe-like organisation better than high tech global human networks, I also believe that there is still a possibility for other futures than post-apocalyptic wastelands, and that at least some are better).

anprims are enemies thought. I dont know what words to use, but they give off an "anti-antrhropocentrist" vibe: humans are inferior, other lifeforms are more important, and everyone should die in order for nature to thrive.


autonomous_hippopotamus OP wrote

Well i can respect your point of view. And i would regard some primitivists as enemies particularly cults like Deep Green Resistance, and asorted transphobes and general xenophobes who asosciate in that milieu. But i wouldn't say Prims are enemies by default, i've known lots of anarcho-primtivists who are all around descent anarchists/activists who support trans rights and aren't crypto eugenicists.

With Post-Civ there seems to be a pretty broad spectrum of belief on the question of technology, so it might not be accurate to say all post-civ folks believe in going back to some low tech, tribal organization, though i'm sure there's people who believe that. But i do think you can be critical of anthropocentrism without being a self-hated human and celebrating the deaths of billions of people, but that's just me.