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autonomous_hippopotamus OP wrote

Come on that's not really fair or accurate.

Like it or not, anarcho-primitivists played a big role in the radical environmentalist movement from Earth First! to the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts. Anprims were among the pioneers of many forms of direct action like tree sitting/spiking and other forms of sabotage (contemporary insurrectionary tactics in particular have had many primtiivist contributions) , the experiences of anprims in these actions helped inform the contemporary set of practices known as 'security culture', and to a large extent the now omnipresent method of 'consensus building' was popularized by movements which anarcho-primitivists took part in. Anarcho-primitivists have consistantly played an active role in anarchist organizing efforts from the alter-globalization movement, to the spread of groups like Food not Bombs, to Occupy and beyond. To write anarcho-primitivism out of the history of anarchism in north america, europe, or latin america is to falsify and distort the historical record.

That being said I strongly disagree with many of their beliefs--particularly the idea of collapse--and there are non-anarchist-primitivsts who are frankly fascist entryists. But comparing anarcho-primtiivists, who are consistantly anti-captialist, anti-statists and anti-patrairchy, to anarcho-capitalists is just in bad baith.

In my opinion primtivism helped fill a void in anarchist thought at a particularly time and served as an important counter to the ecocidal humanist tradition and it's lack of ecological consciousness. It should be kept in mind Primtivists were the anarchists who continued to engage in direct action while other tendencies like anarcho-syndicalism had all but disapeared. But at this point it has out lived it's usefulness, and has made it's failings obvious to everything, we should take what we can learn from the history and literature and burn the rest.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

Yeah I agree. I wont deny that Anarcho-privitism's influence on modern anarchism is good, and the questions it asks are still to be asked today.

We also agree that no one should be an anprim today. I may have gone too far when comparing it to ancapism thought.