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ergdj5 wrote

That's a cop out to justify not thinking about these things and continuing the same lifestyle

I'm not wanting to justify the lifestyle of westerners. Poly cultures do require labour to be productive, simply planting trees to return the earth to what it was and should be, before civilizations utilized agriculture, is not the same as using poly cultures in agriculture to feed a society.


ziq wrote (edited )

Polyculture just means diverse plantings rather than a single species. I planted a polyculture and I'm the only labor. Anything that depends on capital; like 'organic farming' is rejected by postciv anarchism.

We can no longer depend on polycultures to grow spontaniously after we've so decimated the environment. Forests need to be re-established by us directly. Once you destroy a forest, erosion and flooding move in and the topsoil washes away. We have to fix what we've broken by rebuilding the soil and then replanting the vegetation.