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sudo wrote

Encouraging people not to have children is an excellent idea, but voluntary human extinction isn't. Even if their movement was a success, it would only be a few million years before another species evolves to the level we are at now, and starts making all of the same mistakes. This is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote (edited )

It's also assuming that humans only have a negative impact on this planet, ignoring that our current style of living, where we devour resources like there's no tomorrow, and are ruled by a massive hierarchy where a sliver live in the lap of luxury, while the majority toil in squalor, is relatively new. That form of civilization only really came into being 10,000 years, whereas Homo sapiens have existed on this planet for 100,000 years. If we were inherently destructive and brutal creatures, we would have wiped ourselves out a lot earlier, yet we didn't.

It should also be noted that many indigenous tribes managed to live quite comfortably and sustainably for many centuries without poisoning or irrevocably destroying their environment. It was the Europeans who showed up and proceeded to raise hell with their insistence that there is only one way of living and a belief in constant production for the sake of production, all mingled with a heaping helping of bigotry.

Humans aren't some aberration that exist outside of nature; we are animals too, and like animals, we have our role to play in the natural cycle of life. We can do great harm to nature, but we are also capable of positive contributions as well.


gotohui wrote

it would only be a few million years before another species evolves to the level we are at now

This is by no means likely.