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AngryData wrote (edited )

Interesting. I mean obviously they can't use wax because coffee is hot and would melt it and soak into the paper, the plastic works but I doubt most people knew it was originally sent to China to one of their garbage villages. Now since China's trying to get rid of or downsize those places they just go into the landfill. Maybe an advance compost pile that is injected with plastic-eating bacteria? The plastic is very thin with lots of surface area so is an ideal situation for decomposition, but it probably would take far too long for any short term capitalists to give a shit.

I wish I could see into the future just to laugh at plastic products 2000 years from now though when they start getting infected by the rise of plastic-eating bacteria. Originally lignin from trees was indigestible by bacteria too, the source of much of our coal as those trees sank into the ground and got covered, but these days it only takes a couple years for wood to start rotting away.