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MrPotatoeHead wrote

The only law breaking action was printing Microsoft and Dell logos. Without those he would have been fine. He now knows that.


ziq wrote

Idk why people buying second hand computers can't just use Linux. It's infuriating that everyone is addicted to MS's shit.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

The owner of a bakery nearby, a man in his fifties, called me once saying his computer was too slow and the kids kept messing with it, breaking all the time. I went there and asked him: "what do you do on your computer?"

He said "I see Facebook, I watch Youtube and look for weather report..."

I went home, prepared a Lubuntu .iso and replaced his Windows XP with it, while explaining to him that...

"with this system I'm installing, the kids won't be able to break by accident. Also, it doesn't catch viruses like Windows. You'll be able to do everything you did before, but slightly faster and safer."

Well, he paid me with delicious cheese breads and lifelong discounts at his bakery, and have been running Lubuntu LTS very well on his old machine with no more than 512MB of RAM. I had to use the alternate installer, and it took an eternity to install. I returned there twice to teach him one or two things, installed updates and had to restore connectivity after an update changed the network interface naming. I had to change from eth0 to enp7s0 (still don't understand exactly what happened). But it seems to be running OK now.

Why would he waste precious resources with a new computer for browsing the web? His bakery is almost closing down. It's not so simple. And he doesn't care much about computers. He just got a smartphone as a birthday gift and is still learning how to use it.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


_ziq_ wrote

Considering how wildly Windows has changed in the last couple of releases, they'd probably find a user friendly Linux distro more familiar.