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RespectWomen wrote (edited )

Using the Soviet Union as an example of ‘communism’.

Holy hell is this one of your first leftist communities?


Defasher wrote (edited )

Why do you get so bloody angry whenever someone cares about something other than class? Communism isn't the be all end all solution to Earth's injustices. It's just an economic system. The rest of the problems we face need to be tackled one by one. The Soviet Union is proof that implementing a form of socialism doesn't fix everything.

The hilarious thing is you think somehow postleftists are the ignorant ones. No, mate, we all used to be diehard commies at one point too but we realised it wasn't enough.

Stop acting like an elitist, especially when you haven't actually refuted any argument and are just saying people that have said stuff are wrong because you say so.


zod wrote (edited )

The USSR was a failure. They didn't even manage to abolish money and corruption was rife. Not to mention secret police and gulags for queers and anarchists. Associating ourselves with a failed state is a bad idea.


Froid wrote

It only failed because it was sabotaged by the US.


DeathToAmerica OP wrote

It failed because it embraced hierarchy with open arms, leading to personality cults, concentration of power, thought crimes, enslavement and corruption.