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selver wrote

I’m heartened by the way the law can be supple—not a thing that, once set, holds that exact shape forever (or we’d still have slavery, and I couldn’t vote or marry), but a thing that responds—slowly—to our evolving understanding of what is just and true.



PurpleDaisy wrote

Please don't do that to yourself. 20 years in jail, I feel so bad for them. Focus on self-preservation, you can't stop what's happening.

'Thus in the Kali age shall decay constanlty proceed, until the human race approaches its annihilation.' (sorry if you don't like prophecy)


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

What they did was to serve as example. Some workers from another evil company will think:

"If those workers could stop a company for at least a few hours, why can't we?"

The problem gains relevance and audience, and then the companies will find themselves without workers. And without workers, they fail. So the only option for them is to comply to what the people say. That's how it works.

EDIT: there's nothing in this current world worth living for. Me and many others are ready to die for a change.