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roanoke9 wrote

At what point does an invasive become native? Idk, but if the removal causes more damage than leaving it alone- the person doing the removal IS invasive. Basically seems like the height of hypocrisy for members of the most harmful species ever to exist to get all set in stone over what constitutes invasive.

I hand remove invasives, sometimes, mostly leave em alone and take the term invasive with a grain of salt. Unlike the term weed (plants a person dislikes) invasive has some utility but can still cause harm in situations like OP describes. Considering climate change, the native/invasive question might be secondary to drought tolerant, adaptable to what future conditions are, numerous other traits. A healthy amount of "i don't know what is best but will try to make improvements and do limited harm as best I can" helps, as opposed to "this is on invasive species list so I will salt the earth".