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ChaosAnarchy wrote

well what if I'm anti-worker? Fuck work! Abolish it.


MarxistKropotkinistVaush wrote (edited )

The only people who think work is bad are capitalists who make the poor do all the work for them because they think work is beneath them...


ChaosAnarchy wrote

work is beneath me but I ain't a capitalist. I identify as a Max Stirner fan.

I might here and there help people and stuff which might distinctly be called labour but I ain't going to join your communist factories.


MarxistKropotkinistVaush wrote (edited )

I identify as a Max Stirner fan.

My bad, you're an edgy capitalist lol.


Fool wrote (edited )

edgy capitalist

How to say I haven't read Stirner, without saying that you haven't read Stirner?