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tnstaec wrote

There's too much momentum propelling all of this bullshit forward. There would have to be a significant countervailing social force for human society to move in a different direction. The forces of the state and capital have done a good deal of greenwashing in the last decade, which has fooled a lot of people. Those who are really paying attention can see what a joke that is. What that tells us is that there are enough people concerned that they feel they must pretend to do something about ecological issues, but the majority of people who are vaguely aware something is wrong, and have the power to move society in the right direction are too coddled or distracted to really force the issue.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

The weird thing is that when it comes to liberal causes or environmental ones, most polled agree with the liberal causes and the environmental ones. Yet the people elected to serve on their behalf, seem hellbent on ignoring the will of their constituents.

It probably comes down to power. Those who have it, can legislate their BS into power without breaking a sweat and if their asinine BS fails, they likely won't have to face much by way of consequences. Money buys a lot of things, including escape hatches and golden parachutes. No matter how much the Rich screw everything up, they will be able to buy their way out of trouble, while everyone else is left to clean up their messes.

Yeah, Climate Change is a global phenomenon, but again, the Rich will be able to use their money to escape the effects for a while, as they proceed to foul things up for everyone.