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bloodrose wrote

The only candidate in the 2020 democratic primary really talking about the environment was Tom Steyer. Watching the debates for the primary were maddening. They were talking about healthcare for an hour or more and then spent, like, 5 minutes on the environment. I was screaming at the TV that healthcare won't matter when we're all dead and I felt very Sarah Conner-ish doing so. Just watching everyone being civil and waiting for old farts who are going to die before the planet ends to actually give a fuck is just so maddening.


ziq OP wrote

Hey when the old farts die they'll be the new old farts and they won't give a shit either because they'll have theirs.


anarchyfrog wrote

They already don't give a shit. All the left cares about is safeguarding their salaries and benefits.


ziq OP wrote

But it's a huuuuge win for the left donchyaknow? Nevermind the millions of animals that burned to death, the workers have benefits!


Vulgar_Soda wrote

The disconnect between the science and what our so-called leaders are talking about is mindboggling, isn't it? Like, this environmental shit is literally an existential threat to life on this planet. Specifically, human life. Specifically, us, now, and our children. I keep reading about extreme weather, fires, and actual water wars on the Mexican border. My lib friends tell me to lighten up, as if I'm the looney one for not being "moderate" enough.

At this point, I'm convinced anyone not sounding the doom bells has a death wish. There is nothing normal about pretending this moment in time is normal.


deeppurplehazedream wrote

Ok. So this OP is from some archive from 2019. So why post it now? Seems misleading...or confusing...or, if I was cynical...