Opening announcement

Submitted by killuminati in GramsReloaded

It's been a ton of work juggling other responsibilities and improving this project. After a good two week of older versions which I threw out the window, Grams is finally open, on reliable hosting, and ready to be used. I have yet to add sub categories, and will be doing so shortly. I decided to create the forum within the search engine. Marketplaces announcements will be added by admin. Vendors can sign up for free and add their PGP to the verified vendor's section once they send me a signed message in PM or post it to this forum! Please do not abuse the support forum in account details, it is only for support announcemnets and comments. If you have a comment on my updates, please leave it there. The paid/featured section is ready, just send $5 USD of Monero (at current rate) to the address I will send you in a PM. To place an order for a premium post, go to "My Account" --> "Go to package listing" select the package and add your post to the paid/featured section. I will update your post to premium manually once I receive the payment. Premium listings will have a yellow background like the ads on Google! Use my listings to contact me (or any user) using the chat now button. New features and categories can be requested here. I hope this is useful for everyone, and we plan to stay open for a long time :) Please do not do or offer direct deals, only use escrow. Failure to follow this will result in a ban! Use only your account on an escrow marketplace. Place a link to your listing on your respective market(s) on a every post. NO CP, weapons of mass destruction, or poisons are allowed. Thank you for your cooperation!


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