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snuggus wrote

I got it from books at the library and through my current job (well...I don't exactly get paid unless we get grants so i dunno if you could call it a job...) which is a nonprofit that maintains free community gardens that anyone can use. My grandparents are very old school: till the land every year (until the garden literally turned to hardpan, which somehow surprised them), spray like there's no tomorrow, and fertilize with petrochemicals. Grandpa worked with cargill, so I'm not surprised with the farming methods they prefer to employ. My yard is .18 acres, so it's quite small. And it was inundated with invasives when I moved in, which I will likely be managing for the rest of my life! But i did see bees coming to the creeping bellflower, so i might ease up on eradicating it a bit.


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote (edited )

Congratulations on the work you do!

Any chance you work with the people that pursue grants?

I am looking to help a food pantry build out their garden. I have started hunting for grants and looked at several grant proposals and most of them seem beyond my writing ability. I am still going to submit but I would love to get advice from anyone who does that for a living.