[COMPOST] Anyone worked with Bokashi composting?

Submitted by 6c_6f_76_65 in Gardening

Just started looking into Bokashi composting. Is it worth the extra container and time to do this for all of my food scraps? I don't need more compost but someone mentioned it does produce different nutrients since it will have protein products. The cost is not awfully high either so I feel it is worth it to continue to lower my carbon footprint. From everything I have looked at it seems easy enough; I just have to bury it to allow it to fully compost before using or feeding to my worms.

Have you had any issues with smell or particular items not fermenting?



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MHC wrote

I had a bag of that stuff in my laundry. When I saw that it was going mouldy, I sprinkled it into my compost sphere.


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

Has your compost pile changed since you added the bokashi? I never thought to try it in open air.


MHC wrote

My compost sphere is sheltered, being enclosed except for air-holes. Yes, there are now millions of little white worms! So I think that their parents got frisky.