Advice for a new guerilla gardener

Submitted by 6c_6f_76_65 in Gardening

Looking for any advice on making seed bombs.

I am following the standard method of using modeling clay that surrounds a mixture of compost, seed starter, top soil, and seed(s).

Where I need some advice is what plants should I use multiple seeds per bomb? The ones that take multiple seeds how many seeds should I include?

Guessing that something like lettuce should only take one seed, herbs can take many seeds, but what about tomatoes, bell peppers and other vegetables.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

As a bit of an aside, I'm not sure if you've noticed that there's a specific forum around this, f/guerrillagardening. Its first post is a seed bomb guide that might be useful, for example!


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote (edited )

Was the link for f/guerrillagardening. always on the right side of f/gardening? I can not believe I missed this. Thanks you!


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think it was! :)


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

ugghh. That is a little worrying. I suffered head trauma and ever so often I run into issues like this. I am glad I have something I can report back to my doctor. Thanks again.