advice for a beginner?

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i'll soon be living in a place where i can grow things. i'm planning on growing food, and am trying to learn about permaculture as that seems the best way. any advice on sourcing seeds? general beginner tips? food preservation?

edit: i’m posting this in the general gardening forum in case anyone has any critiques of permaculture. also, soliciting advice from people who don’t do permaculture.




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existential1 wrote (edited )

My advice depends on your proclivities.

If you're a person who likes to dive into things with only enough knowledge to get yourself into trouble but also start succeeding as you learn through experience:

  1. Pick a location that you will use more "standard" procedures with. In that location, plant the things according to what the seed packages say as far as spacing.

  2. For the rest of the soil you have available, put the seeds around liberally. Water the "wild" area every few days...and watch what grows well with little effort, what needs to be "babied", and take that knowledge into next year.

If you are the type of person that hates making "mistakes" and wants the illusion of full control over the process, do step 1 above only.

Edit: Also, get.rid.of.all.the.grass....fuck.grass. Depending on the space and availability, either pull the grass up manually (that's what I did at my spot), or sheet mulch it with cardboard and other carbon-rich materials.


black_fox OP wrote

i am that person so this is helpful thanks.

yeah i realized today i’ve been so excited to learn stuff i forgot to look up how to take out the grass


RosaReborn wrote

What kind of set up do you have? If you are considering permaculture, which I definitely suggest you do, then look into setting up your foundations first. Plan what trees you would like to plant and other perennials as these won't move once you start them. Seasonal beds can come later. Start prepping soil in all the space you can and really plan out the kinds of things you want in your garden. Look at reclaiming everything you can as compost material.

Personally, I can only admire and plan my future food forest as I'm currently stuck doing balcony gardening. For balcony gardening, I recommend not following the seed spacing suggestions on packages as I've had great success with tightly packed plants..


black_fox OP wrote

i’m not exactly sure what you mean by set up but it’s a good sized backyard. there’s some concrete area (about 15%?) which sucks but i can use it for pots until i get around to breaking it up


MHC wrote

Read up on your local climate and soil.The lie of the land matters; facing the rising sun is good for grapes locally.

Plants that are declared noxious weeds, need heavy maintenance!

Commposting has rules. If you throw in weed seeds--that's what you'll get back growing-up!

Mulch lots.


MHC wrote

There's lots to learn, like composting and pruning.

Which hemisphere you're in will affect the season (summer versus winter). That will also determine which compass direction faces the sun (south versus north).


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

Have you already started your garden?


black_fox OP wrote

not yet, i’m gonna start preparing the area and tilling the soil during my free time soon.